Nostalgia Kills in Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior

1 Road Warrior cover photo

I love the smell of misery in the morning.

So you sit down and browse through endless rows of Netflix releases, pummel the mouse at Amazon’s Prime offerings, and sneak on through the tinny riches of Hulu and dammit a half hour of choice viewing time gets eaten up while the kids sleep (soundly/fitfully) and your own projects molder in the corner on an aging hard drive, your bedtime passed out on the couch fast approaching. In a move of desperation, burdened by the knowledge that almost any Criterion offering is a mid-stream, protein-laced carbo-crash destined to make you wonder what language they’re even speaking, you settle on something you loved long ago, ‘cuz that always works out, right? Nostalgia never fails. I can sing along, quote along, laugh at myself, laugh at them. So two nights ago I settled on The Road Warrior, now conveniently titled Mad Max 2Onward!